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International Tandem Rally 2017
Camping Nahetal

55585 Oberhausen-an-der-Nahe
Saturday 5th. - Saturday 12th. August

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Routes and Outline Programme

More details to follow

Sunday rides to the ALSENZ VALLEY (long, medium, short and flat)

On Sunday Wine restaurant Christmann-Faller is open. It opens only on Weekends and Sunday is the only possibility to go there.

Monday rides to MEISENHEIM (long, medium short and "flat" not really flat)

Evening: Stewart Stabik from Rohloff at 6 pm or 6.30 pm and cycle jumble

Local Produce

Tuesday Rides to the RHINE VALLEY (long, short with possible medium extensions into the Upper Middle Rhine Valley and flat=short)

Evening: Wine (and liquor) tasting with Frick from Duchroth, 10 Euros prepaid at arrival per head in the marquee

Wednesday Coach trip to Mainz (63 places, depart 10 am at corner Naheweinstraße/Bahnhofsstraße) 2 hrs guided tour in Mainz, visit of Gutenberg museum, return 5pm from Mainz)

Evening: Tandem games  at 7 pm

Thursday Rides to the SOONWALD AONB (long, medium, short and flat) with option to visit the town of Bad Kreuznach)

more wine tasting, Bob Bouma offers to contact different wine makers so we can send groups of 20 - 25 people to the vinemakers properties

Friday Rides to the UPPER NAHE VALLEY (long to Idar-Oberstein, medium to Kirn/Bad Sobernheim, short to Bad Sobernheim and flat to open air museum Bad Sobernheim)

Farewell party with barbecue - meat can be ordered on Wednesday with Camping Nahetal.